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On September 17th, 2020 I bought The Pot Rack - during the COVID crisis and right after the Almeda fire.  Many thought I was crazy and I did question that myself! But my Granny always said "with chaos comes opportunity"... so I jumped. 

Since buying the shop, I have met so many of you and formed great friendships. I also started a monthly food column in the Jacksonville Review. I really enjoy sharing my recipes and food stories and now I want to do more.

Join me in a group of VIP Foodies who want to dig deeper, share recipes and food hacks. Here's how:

Sign up here and I'll send you an email every now and then with lots of fun information, recipes and inspiration.  To get the most of this journey (and in the conversation) join our private Facebook Group called The Pot Rack VIP where we can share to our hearts content! 

             Let's get cookin'!
Chickpea Hummus

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