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Should a bulb of garlic smell like garlic?
Nope. It shouldn't smell like anything until you cut into it.

Can you cook garlic if it has started to sprout?
Yep. BUT, the bulb won't be as sweet to the taste.  Instead, it will taste a bit spicy.

What's the best way to peel garlic?
The way my Granny did!  Remove the garlic bulbs and place in a glass jar with a lid. Shake it really well then turn out the garlic... the papery skins should have fallen off.

Is garlic powder a no-no?
Well, it's never as good as the real thing but it serves a great purpose in certain dishes like when using in dry rubs and savory bread recipes.

Ice Supply for Special Events

Uses for
Ice Cube Trays

Preserve herbs and spices.

Place in tray and cover with olive oil. Freeze. Pop them out as needed.

Make Coffee Ice cubes.

If you make your own iced coffee you really should kick it up with coffee iced cubes!


Make your own Baby Food.

Blend up left overs for baby and freeze in serving size cubes.

Save caramelized onions and stock.

Both are a long process to make so consider freezing small batches for quick meal prep.

Save extra egg whites.

Did you know egg whites freeze... like forever! Don't waste them!

Sweetening Coffee

Coffee Pot 101

Good ol' Drip.

Pro's: Easy to use. You can make a large amount. Lots of pots to choose from.

Con's: Limited brewing options. Coffee can get burned on the warming plate. Wasteful.

Single-Serve Capsule Maker.

Pro's: Makes a wide variety of drinks. Quickly brewed. 

Con's: Taste can be weakened. Expensive. Planet killing plastics.


Pro's: All you need is a filter and hot water. Makes a rich cup-o-Joe.

Con's: Patience in the brewing time, but worth the wait.

French Press.

Pro's: Coffee brews just below boiling so you don't get that bitterness. You control steeping time.

Con's: You need to preheat carafe or you'll get cold coffee.  There will be grounds in your cup.

Modern Kitchen

Freezer Know-How

  • Freeze heels of bread to make croutons.

  • Freeze Parmesan cheese rinds and throw into soup pots for incredible flavor.

  • Peel a large ginger root then freeze whole in sealed bag.  Grate off what you need when you need it.

  • Buy a bunch of garlic and chop it up or send through your processor.  Freeze in a sealed bag and break off what you need as you go.

  • Buy large cans of tomato paste. Drop Tablespoons of paste on a parchment lined tray.  Freeze.  Place paste balls in a freezer bag for easy usage.

  • Freeze blocks of cheese 30 minutes before you shred it.


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